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Dr Ruth Robinson awarded Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society


Fully funded PhD position with Dr Adrian Finch


14 April 2015

Liane Benning: "How to make biominerals from nothing and why should the world care"



REF 2014 Results

Geography and Geosciences at St Andrews is:
  • Overall: 1st in Scotland (5th in UK)
  • Outputs: 2nd in Scotland (23rd in UK)
  • Impact: 1st in Scotland (1st in UK)
  • Environment: 1st in Scotland (3rd in UK)

Earth & Environmental Sciences at St Andrews

Teaching Earth sciences at St Andrews dates to the 17th Century, a rich tradition and experience that gives us a clear educational vision: to equip and enable graduates to be competitive with the best natural scientists worldwide and to conduct exciting research at the forefront of science.

The Department is ranked consistently as one of the top UK undergraduate programmes, providing some of the highest student satisfaction surveys and with an outstanding employability record (e.g. 2nd in the UK in The Independent Complete University Guide for 2015, and 4th overall in the Times and Guardian, 2014).

Our research is both curiosity driven, addressing the profound questions about the co-evolution of Earth and life, as well as applied, with emphasis on delivering societal and economic impact. It spans the study of recent environmental change to Earth System evolution in Deep Time, all underpinned by a suite of state-of-the-art analytical and field facilities.

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Some Recent Publications

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