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News Archive- 2010

NERC Awards

Drs Nicola Allison and Adrian Finch have just been granted access to NERC's Ion Microprobe Facility in order to research the impact of transcellular Ca transport on the δ44Ca of coral skeletons. This allows Nicola and Adrian the equivalent of £22,000 of access to the probe, or approx 180 hours, of iinstrument time.

Also receiving an award in kind are Dr Ruth Robinson and Cynthia Brezina, who have been granted access to NERC's Isotope Geosciences Facilties award to measure 40Ar-39Ar cooling ages of detrital micas from the eastern Himalayas. This is part of Cynthia's PhD project on the provenance of detrital minerals in Cenozoic-aged sediments of Myanmar, and is worth the equivalent of £40,700.


Graduation November 2010 image of Prave, Hawkesworth and Cawood

The first cohort of MSc Sustainable Development graduates received their
diplomas from Principal Professor Louise Richardson on the 30th of November.
Congratulations are extended to all our graduates at this time.

Also on stage was Peter Cawood, Head of Earth Sciences, who was officially inducted as Professor. The event was celebrated with a champagne buffet in the newly refurbished Forbes Lab in the Irvine Building.


SET Awardsimage finch and mottram

St Andrews student Catherine Mottram won through to the finals of the Science Engineering and Technology Student of the year award in London in September. She beat students across the whole of the UK to be shortlisted for interview, and did exceptionally well. The final awards ceremony was held at the Hilton in Park Lane, London, and Adrian Finch represented the teaching staff of the Department. Catherine did exceptionally well and emerged as runner-up on the night. She is now doing a PhD at the Open University on the tectonics of the Himalayas with Nigel Harris and co-workers.

The SET Awards (Science, Engineering & Technology Student of the Year) are the world's most important awards for science and technology undergraduates. Supported by Industry, and leading scientific and technical institutions, the SET awards are multidisciplinary to reflect the wide range of degrees our universities have to offer.

The SET awards provide a showcase for educational excellence by publicly recognising the exceptional achievements of both students and universities.

Book sheds light on mining history portrait of John McManus with book

Professor Emeritus of Geology John McManus has recently published a book that chronicles the history of coal mining in the north-east Fife area in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Six years in the making, Mining between Ceres and St Andrews not only serves as a geological text, but explores the lives of miners and their families who would often be working 12 hours shifts a day- including the children.

The book is available from the Ceres Folk Museum and the J&G Innes bookstore in St Andrews, where John held a book signing on October 23rd.

Fife Herald, 15/10/2010


Prof Peter Cawood

New Professor joins St Andrews Earth Sciences

Professor Peter Cawood joined the new Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences in August 2010.

Peter is one of the most enthusiastic of scientists and is a very distinguished geologist of international reputation.

Peter moved to St Andrews from the University of Western Australia where he was Director of the Tectonics Special Research Centre and the President of the Geological Society of Australia. He was awarded the pretigious Mawson Medal in 2008 for oustanding conributions to Earth science in Australia.