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Dr Richard Bates

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences


I graduated with a B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Edinburgh in 1986. As a result of one of the many crashes in the oil industry I went on from there to do a PhD in applied geophysics at the School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor. After completing the PhD (a study into the seismic anisotropy of unconsolidated marine sediments) I went to the US to work as an applied geophysicist in industry. My first position was with Blackhawk Geosciences where I really learned what high resolution geophysics was all about - a steep learning curve involving everything from environmental problems to earth resource evaluations. Later, working for larger geophysical companies and the DoE I became involved with multicomponent seismic and naturally fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs. Since returning to the UK and joining St Andrews my focus has returned to high resolution geophysics applied to a range of issues from climate change studies to archaeology and palaeo-environmental reconstruction. I have built up a significant capacity for marine survey with multibeam sonar, sub-bottom sonar and magnetic methods used mainly for benthic habitat mapping and maritime archaeological investigations; and have developed a similar capacity for terrestrial survey with a range of geophysical tools used for both archaeology and environmental mapping.

Current supervised PhDs:

Manda Blackwell, Fiona Cunningham, Emily Gal.