We are a scientific community that studies the Earth and its neighbours in space.  We aim to provide a diverse, inclusive environment which fosters open-minded critical thinking and debate, and we are committed to creating a scientifically literate and informed society.  We welcome everyone who shares these aspirations.  More about SEES >>

Specific current vacancies are listed below.  For general information on opportunities and studentships in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences see our opportunities page.

  • Seminars 2016/17

    Please click on the link below to see a full list of scheduled seminars; SEES Seminar Series 2017  
  • Public Talk by Bob Hazen – March 23rd

    Earth’s 4.5 billion year history is an epic of dramatic change through physical, chemical, and biological processes. Large and growing data resources, coupled with new analytical and visualization methods, are revealing the ancient origins and evolution of Earth and life in new and vivid detail. The school of Earth and Environmental Science invites you to […]
  • Visit by Wally Broecker