Fully Funded PhD Opportunity – Iceland as a Proxy for Magma Transport in Juvenile Planetary Crust

We are pleased to announce the opening of an exciting, fully funded PhD opportunity at the University of St Andrews, led by Dr William McCarthy in conjunction with Dr Tim Raub, Dr Craig Magee (Imperial College London) and Dr Paul Byrne (North Carolina State University).

The PhD project will involve structural field mapping and rock magnetic analyses of igneous intrusions in Iceland, allowing their emplacement conditions to be ascertained. This field data will be used to inform numerical models that test how various geological parameters may impact intrusion geometries on other planetary bodies. The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic field geologist, with an interest in structural geology and igneous petrology, who would like to develop a quantitative analytical skill-set. No prior knowledge of rock magnetics or numerical modelling is required. An aptitude for physics or mathematics is desirable, but not essential. An interest in the outdoors is highly advantageous as are practical problem solving skills due to the remote nature of the field area. More information can be found in the advert  or direct from Dr William McCarthy (wm37@st-andrews.ac.uk).

On behalf of William McCarthy, Tim Raub, Craig Magee and Paul Byrne