Visit by Wally Broecker

Wally Broecker will visit St Andrews and give a public talk on energy and climate change, along with a technical seminar on ice age CO2.
Broecker has made seminal contributions in climate science, oceanography, and geochemistry.  These range from establishing the drivers of rapid climate change to pioneering uranium-thorium and radiocarbon dating, and being the first to publish the phrase “global warming”, to working out the large-scale circulation and chemistry of the ocean.
Wally will speak on:
How can we counter a bad CO2 trip
– Wednesday 24 May, 1730, Medical Sciences lecture theatre.
This event is open to the public and all are welcome.
Those interested in meeting Wally should get in touch with Dr James Rae.
No matter how one views the fossil CO2 problem it remains a dilemma. Three billion people strive for better lives through industrialization. If they are to succeed, they will need cheap energy. Several trillion dollars worth of fossil fuels remain in the ground. Those who own them will do everything possible to make sure they don’t go unburned. And they will strongly resist a carbon tax. Hence, we must prepare to meet the greenhouse consequences of continued fossil fuel use. We must give serious consideration to countermeasures, i.e., CO2 capture and burial and alteration of our planet’s reflectivity (geo-engineering). Despite forty years debate, we remain on square one. When I was a graduate student in the 1950s 85 percent of our energy came from fossil fuels. The same is true today.