THE Mystery of the Expanding TropicS: from Past to Future (THEMES)

The Hadley Cell: a fundamental feature of the Earth’s climate

Rob Wilson (School of Environmental and Earth Sciences) is involved in a new 3-year project called THEMES (funded by BNP Paribas Climate Initiative). The project consortium has members from across Europe (France, UK and Switzerland) as well as Argentina and Chile who specialise in dendrochronology, data analysis and climate modelling. The project’s main aim is to reconstruct past movement of the high latitude downward-arm of the Hadley cell over recent centuries by modelling the effects of its latitudinal expansion on climate and the response of forest ecosystems to the associated climate regime shifts. Trees sampled along a North-South transect from the Altiplano to Northern Patagonia will allow an examination of the changing climate over recent centuries while modelling will ascertain how much of the observed shift is related to natural and anthropogenic processes.

More information of the project: