Special Recognition for Mikey!

Mikey giving a speech of thanks, watched by Richard Bates, Charlotte Gordon, Sami Mikhail & Rob Wilson. The award. Michael ‘Mikey’ Van Mourik (School President 2016-17) “In the pre-Mikey days, all undergraduate students were required to pay... read more

2017 Prize Winners

2017 Prize Winners (left to right) Matt Kaminski (Irving Prize for best M-Level Student); Craig Walton (Irving Prize for Excellence in Field Work (Alps) – 1st Prize); Jasmine Hansen (Irvine Prize for Best Field-Based Research Project in Earth & Environmental... read more

Lectureship in Environmental Earth Sciences

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences invites applications for a Lectureship-level appointment from individuals that utilise applied, field-based or theoretical approaches to address fundamental questions about the processes that control Earth’s surface... read more

Visit by Wally Broecker

Wally Broecker will visit St Andrews and give a public talk on energy and climate change, along with a technical seminar on ice age CO2. Broecker has made seminal contributions in climate science, oceanography, and geochemistry.  These range from establishing the... read more

Royal Society Meeting – Lost & Future Worlds

Dr Richard Bates is part of the latest Royal Society sponsored meeting focusing on the impact and record of climate change as viewed through the lens of paleo-landscape. Entitled Lost and Future Worlds, further information can be found on the Royal Society... read more

Public Talk by Bob Hazen – March 23rd

Earth’s 4.5 billion year history is an epic of dramatic change through physical, chemical, and biological processes. Large and growing data resources, coupled with new analytical and visualization methods, are revealing the ancient origins and evolution of Earth... read more

Ruth Robinson contributes to Outstanding Paper of the Year

Dr Ruth Robinson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, was part of an international team of researchers whose work was awarded Outstanding Paper of the Year for the Journal of Sedimentary Research, the premier journal in the field of... read more