Other Courses

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews offers a number of courses for visiting students, industry professionals seeking new training opportunities, and others interested in learning more about the Geosciences.

Our courses allow you take advantage of studying at our world-class University, situated in the very home of the Earth Sciences, surrounded by beaches, the sea, and world-famous geological outcrops. You will get to interact with leading researchers and enthusiastic teachers, and engage with topics ranging from the formation of the planets to current climate change, and natural resources to the dawn of life. A particular strength of our courses is field geology, with field trips including local excursions, day trips to classic sites of Scottish geology, and mapping projects integrating GIS and other 21st century methods in field geology.


This really was a unique opportunity for me as an OU student to practice fieldwork alongside students studying through a more traditional route. I feel it has helped me to improve my field skills generally and I have a much better understanding of concepts and processes that I had previously only read about. Despite being a complete stranger and at a very different stage in life, I was completely made welcome by the whole group who just treated me like another student. It met all my expectations and more, and I had a wonderful week that I was missing as soon as I got home!

David Litchfield

Geology of Spain course, 2012