Dr Anouk Borst

Dr Anouk Borst
Research Fellow


My research interests lie in the petrology and geochemistry of peralkaline igneous rocks and associated rare metal deposits. I completed my PhD at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and the University of Copenhagen, focussing on the magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of REE, Zr and Nb mineralised nepheline syenites in the rift-related Gardar province in South Greenland.

As a Research Fellow at St Andrews, I will continue to work on alkaline magmatism and REE transport in South Greenland as part of the NERC funded SoS RARE consortium. SoS RARE aims at bringing together mineralogists, geochemists and metallurgists to understand the mobility and concentration of Nd and heavy REE’s in natural systems, and to develop environmentally friendly and economically viable ways to exploit such resources. The Gardar province provides a particularly suitable natural laboratory to address these issues, as it is one of the best preserved rifts in the world and hosts some of the world’s largest critical metal deposits. I am particularly interested in how hydrothermal fluids modify magmatic REE deposits, and how they affect extraction methods. I will use radiogenic isotopes to fingerprint the source of critical metal enrichment, and a variety of mineral chemical techniques to characterize primary and secondary REE-minerals in some of the most evolved and enriched Gardar intrusives.

Other fields of interest include planetary geology and exploration, mantle petrology, sub-continental lithospheric processes and the origin of carbonatites, kimberlites and diamonds in relation to the mantle carbon cycle, fuelled by various research projects completed during my BSc and MSc studies at the VU University and at the European Space Agency.

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Zirconosilicates in the kakortokites of the Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland Anouk Margaretha Borst, T Andersen, T.F.D. Nielsen, T.E. Waight, M.A. Smit
Mineralogical Magazine 2016 vol.80 pp.5-30

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