Miss Bethan Gregory

Miss Bethan Gregory
PhD Student


Numerical modelling of oxygen isotopes in the atmosphere over key intervals of Earth history.

I am a second-year PhD student working with Dr Mark Claire and Dr Sarah Rugheimer, and my work combines modelling of planetary atmosphere photochemistry and isotope geochemistry. The overarching aim of my PhD thesis is to better understand what oxygen mass-independent fractionation (O-MIF) data from the rock record can tell us about the evolution of the atmosphere.

I am developing the photochemical-climate model ‘atmos’ to include the three isotopes of oxygen, and trace O-MIF signatures from stratospheric ozone, where they are produced, through other atmospheric species and into geological materials. The model can then be applied to understand the Earth’s atmosphere in the modern and the past.

This PhD is funded by the ERC grant awarded to Mark Claire.

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Contact Details:

Miss Bethan Gregory
Irvine Building
University of St Andrews
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St Andrews
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tel: 01334 463930
room: 600
email: bsg@st-andrews.ac.uk



School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Centre for Exoplanet Science

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