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Biosignature detection by Mars rover equivalent instruments in samples from the CanMars Mars Sample Return Analogue Deployment Jessica M. Stromberg, Alexis Parkinson, Matthew Morison, Edward Cloutis, Nora Casson, Daniel Applin, Jordan Poitras, Catherine Maggiori, Claire Rachel Cousins, Lyle Whyte, Roman Kruzelecky, Debarati Das, Richard Leveille, Kim Berlo, Shiv K. Sharma, Tayro Acosta-Maeda, Michael Daly, Emmanuel Lalla
Planetary and Space Science vol.In press
Effects of UV-organic interaction and Martian conditions on the survivability of organics Boris Claude Dominique Laurent, Claire Rachel Cousins, M. F. C. Pereira, Z. Martins
Icarus vol.In press
Natural analogue constraints on Europa's non-ice surface material Mark George Fox-Powell, Gordon R. Osinski, Daniel Applin, Jessica M. Stromberg, Fernando Gázquez, Ed Cloutis, Elyse Allender, Claire Rachel Cousins
Geophysical Research Letters vol.Early View
UV luminescence characterisation of organics in Mars-analogue substrates Boris Claude Dominique Laurent, Claire Rachel Cousins, M. Gunn, C. Huntly, R. Cross, Elyse Allender
Icarus 2019 vol.321 pp.929-937
Biogeochemical probing of microbial communities in a basalt-hosted hot spring at Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland Claire Rachel Cousins, Marilyn Fogel, Roxane Bowden, Ian Crawford, Adrian Boyce, Charles Cockell, Matthew Gunn
Geobiology 2018 vol.16 pp.507-521
Cryogenic silicification of microorganisms in hydrothermal fluids Mark George Fox-Powell, Alan Channing, Daniel Applin, Ed Cloutis, Louisa J. Preston, Claire Rachel Cousins
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2018 vol.498 pp.1-8
Mars rovers drive STEM teaching in schools Claire Rachel Cousins, Jennifer Brooke
Astronomy & Geophysics 2018 vol.59 pp.1.34-1.35
Strategies for equivalent dose determination without heating, suitable for portable luminescence readers H. M. Roberts, G. A. T. Duller, M. Gunn, Claire Rachel Cousins, R. E. Cross, D. Langstaff
Radiation Measurements vol.In press
The 2016 UK Space Agency Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation (MURFI) M.R. Balme, M.C. Curtis-Rouse, S. Banham, D. Barnes, R. Barnes, A. Bauer, C.C. Bedford, J.C. Bridges, F.E.G. Butcher, P. Caballo-Perucha, A. Caldwell, A.J. Coates, Claire Rachel Cousins, J.M. Davis, J. Dequaire, P. Edwards, P. Fawdon, K. Furuya, M. Gadd, P. Get, A. Griffiths, P.M. Grindrod, M. Gunn, S. Gupta, R. Hansen, J.K. Harris, L.J. Hicks, J. Holt, B. Huber, C. Huntly, I. Hutchinson, L. Jackson, S. Kay, S. Kyberd, H.N. Lerman, M. McHugh, W.J. McMahon, J.-P. Muller, T. Ortner, G. Osinski, G. Paar, L.J. Preston, S.P. Schwenzer, R. Stabbins, Y. Tao, C. Traxler, S. Turner, L. Tyler, S. Venn, H. Walker, T. Wilcox, J. Wright, B. Yeomans
Planetary and Space Science vol.In press
The ExoMars Spectral Tool (ExoSpec) Elyse Allender, Roger Stabbins, Matthew Gunn, Claire Rachel Cousins, Andrew Coates
The UK Centre for Astrobiology Charles S. Cockell, Beth Biller, Casey Bryce, Claire Rachel Cousins, Susana Direito, Duncan Forgan, Mark George Fox-Powell, Jesse Harrison, Hanna Landenmark, Sophie Nixon, Samuel J. Payler, Ken Rice, Toby Samuels, Petra Schwendner, Adam Stevens, Natasha Nicholson, Jennifer Wadsworth
Astrobiology vol.18
Planetary science and exploration in the deep subsurface Samuel J. Payler, Jennifer F. Biddle, Andrew J. Coates, Claire Rachel Cousins, Rachel E. Cross, David C. Cullen, Michael T. Downs, Susana O. L. Direito, Thomas Edwards, Amber L. Gray, Jac Genis, Matthew Gunn, Graeme M. Hansford, Patrick Harkness, John Holt, Jean-Luc Josset, Xuan Li, David S. Lees, Darlene S. S. Lim, Melissa Mchugh, David Mcluckie, Emma Meehan, Sean M. Paling, Audrey Souchon, Louise Yeoman, Charles S. Cockell
International Journal of Astrobiology 2017 vol.16 pp.114-129
The PanCam instrument for the ExoMars rover Andrew Coates, Ralf Jaumann, Andrew Griffiths, Craig Leff, Nicole Schmitz, Jean-Luc Josset, Gerhard Paar, Matthew Gunn, Ernst Hauber, Claire Rachel Cousins, Rachel Cross, Peter Grindrod, John Bridges, Matthew Balme, Sanjeev Gupta, Ian Crawford, P Irwin, Roger Stabbins, D Tirsch, Jorge Vago, T Theodorou, M Caballo-Perucha, Gordon Osinski, the PanCam team
Astrobiology 2017 vol.17
An ESA roadmap for geobiology in space exploration Claire Rachel Cousins, Charles S Cockell
Acta Astronautica 2016 vol.118 pp.286-295
Ionic strength is a barrier to the habitability of Mars Mark George Fox-Powell, John Hallsworth, Claire Rachel Cousins, Charles Cockell
Astrobiology 2016 vol.16 pp.427-442
Mars surface context cameras past, present, and future M. D. Gunn, Claire Rachel Cousins
Earth and Space Science 2016 vol.3 pp.144-162
Spectral identification and quantification of salts in the Atacama Desert Jennifer Harris, Claire Rachel Cousins, Mark Claire
2016 vol.10005
Are thermophilic microorganisms active in cold environments? Charles Cockell, Claire Rachel Cousins, Paul Wilkinson, Karen Olsson-Francis, Ben Rozitis
International Journal of Astrobiology 2015 vol.14 pp.457-463
Remote detection of past habitability at Mars-analogue hydrothermal alteration terrains using an ExoMars Panoramic Camera emulator Jennifer Harris, Claire Rachel Cousins, Matthew Gunn, Peter Grindrod, David Barnes, Ian Crawford, Rachel Cross, Andrew Coates
Icarus 2015 vol.252 pp.284-300
Hydrothermal modification of Sikhote Alin under low pH geothermal environments. A plausable prebiotic route to activated phosphorus on the early Earth. David Bryant, David Greenfield, Richard Walshaw, Benjamin Johnson, Barry Herschy, Caroline Smith, Matthew Pasek, Richard Telford, Ian Scowen, Tasnim Munshi, Howell Edwards, Claire Rachel Cousins, Ian Crawford, Terence Kee
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2013
Mars analogue glaciovolcanic hydrothermal environments in Iceland Claire Rachel Cousins, Ian Crawford, Jonathan Carrivick, Matthew Gunn, Jennifer Harris, Terence Kee, Magnus Karlsson, Laura Carmody, Charles Cockell, Barry Herschy, Katherine Joy
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2013 vol.256 pp.61-77
Phosphate activation via reduced oxidation state phosphorus (P). Mild routes to condensed-P energy currency molecules Terence Kee, David Bryant, Barry Herschy, Katie Marriott, Nichola Cosgrove, Matthew Pasek, Zachary Atlas, Claire Rachel Cousins
Life 2013 vol.3
Plausible microbial metabolisms on Mars Sophie Nixon, Claire Rachel Cousins, Charles Cockell
Astronomy & Geophysics 2013 vol.54
Lunar PanCam: adapting ExoMars PanCam for the ESA Lunar Lander. Andrew Coates, Andrew Griffiths, Craig Leff, Nicole Schmitz, David Barnes, Jean-Luc Josset, Barry Hancock, Claire Rachel Cousins, Ralf Jaumann, Ian Crawford, Gerhard Paar, Arnold Bauer, The PanCam Team
Planetary and Space Science 2012
Selecting the geology filter wavelengths for the ExoMars Panoramic Camera Instrument Claire Rachel Cousins, Matthew Gunn, Bryan Prosser, Dave Barnes, Ian Crawford, Andrew Griffiths, Lottie Davis, Andrew Coates
Planetary and Space Science 2012
Volcano – Ice Interaction as a Microbial Habitat on Earth and Mars Claire Rachel Cousins, Ian Crawford
Astrobiology 2011 vol.11 pp.695-710
Volcano – Ice Interaction: A Haven for Life on Mars? Claire Rachel Cousins
Astronomy & Geophysics 2011 vol.52
Astrobiological considerations for the selection of the geological filters on the ExoMars PanCam instrument Claire Rachel Cousins, Andrew Griffiths, Ian Crawford, Bryan Prosser, Michael Storrie-Lombardi, Lottie Davis, Matthew Gunn, Andrew Coates, Adrian Jones, John Ward
Astrobiology 2010
Laser-Induced Fluorescence Emission (L.I.F.E.): searching for Mars organics with a UV-enhanced PanCam Michael Storrie-Lombardi, Jan-Peter Muller, Martin Fisk, Claire Rachel Cousins, B Sattler, Andrew Griffiths, Andrew Coates
Astrobiology 2010
A comparative study of endolithic microborings in basaltic lavas from a transitional subglacial – marine environment Claire Rachel Cousins, John Smellie, Adrian Jones, Ian Crawford
International Journal of Astrobiology 2009

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