Dr Catherine Rose

Dr Catherine Rose


My research involves pairing sedimentary stratigraphic data with a range of geochemical proxies to explore key Earth history events, such as large perturbations to the global carbon cycle and changes in climate. This work relies on making original field observations at a range of scales from rock outcrops to thin sections. I am currently investigating the impact sedimentology has on isotopic signatures preserved in modern and ancient settings. In particular, I am working to characterise the localisation of different sulphur species within complex carbonate facies at the micron-scale using synchrotron facilities. This research aims to decipher the spatial variability of sulphur isotopes at a scale previously unobtainable, and so eliminating much of the uncertainty of chemostratigraphic records generated using bulk samples.

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Insights into past ocean proxies from micron-scale mapping of sulfur species in carbonates Catherine Victoria Rose, Samuel M. Webb, Matthew Newville, Antonio Lanzirotti, Jocelyn A. Richardson, Nicolas J. Tosca, Jeffrey G Catalano, Alexander S. Bradley, David A. Fike
Geology vol.In press
Rethinking the ancient sulfur cycle David A Fike, Alexander S. Bradley, Catherine Victoria Rose
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 2015 vol.43 pp.593-622

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