Dr Elyse Allender

Dr Elyse Allender
Research Fellow


I am a planetary scientist whose research focuses on visible and near-infrared imaging spectroscopy and its utility for the exploration of Mars’ surface.

I am originally from Tasmania, Australia, but completed my PhD in the USA at the University of Cincinnati, where I developed an automated processing pipeline to detect mineralogy of interest from Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) images. Given the large volume of data being returned from planetary missions, it is essential that effective software tools be developed for data management and analysis.

My research at the University of St Andrews focuses on the field and laboratory testing of the PanCam, ISEM, and CLUPI instrument emulators for the ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars rover, as well as the development of software tools which will exploit the wealth of data generated by these instruments and further their utility for detecting evidence of past habitability on Mars.

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Recent publications

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2019 (15/3)
vol.321 pp.929-937
UV luminescence characterisation of organics in Mars-analogue substrates
Boris Claude Dominique Laurent, Claire Rachel Cousins, M. Gunn, C. Huntly, R. Cross, Elyse Allender 
Keywords: UV luminescence, Mars, Analogue, Spectroscopy, Organic
2018 (9/10)

(Conference contribution)
The ExoMars Spectral Tool (ExoSpec)
Elyse Allender, Roger Stabbins, Matthew Gunn, Claire Rachel Cousins, Andrew Coates 
Keywords: European Space Agency, ESA, ExoMars, PanCam, ENVI IDL, Spectral, Processing

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