Ms Eleanor Mare

Ms Eleanor Mare
Research Fellow


I am a post-doctoral research fellow working with Sami Mikhail. I am investigating how the size of Earth's atmosphere may have changed since the formation of the planet. To do this, I am studying how much nitrogen can be stored in the Earth's mantle. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, but we don't yet know much about how much nitrogen is taken up by the Earth's mantle (through subduction) or released from the mantle (through volcanism).

I did my PhD in experimental petrology at the Australian National University, under the supervision of Hugh O'Neill and Andrew Berry. In my PhD I was interested in how the properties of molten rock (silicate liquid) change at great depths in the Earth. I synthesised silicate liquid at high pressures and temperatures, quenched it to glass, and studied the structure of the glasses using several spectroscopic techniques.

For my honours year at Monash University (supervised by Andy Tomkins), I investigated heating processes that occurred in asteroids in the early solar system. For this project, I taught myself how to write numerical models in MATLAB and R. I also participated in several meteorite-hunting trips to the Nullarbor Plain.

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