Mr Filippo Formoso

Mr Filippo Formoso
PhD Student


I undertook my first degree at the University of Milan (Italy), and then followed up with a 2-year Master degree (Geochemistry and Mineral Resources) at the same institution. My master consisted in the petrology and geochronology of a small and previously non-studied intrusive complex in the North Western Alps.

After my master was completed, I decided to remain in the geochemistry field but to move towards a different topic within it, by undertaking the Alternative Anions PhD project at the University of St Andrews, in order to be able to study a relatively new field in my favourite field of geociences (scolarship and funding provided by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Chemistry and St. Leonards college). During this project, I hope I will be able to give a significant contribution to the University of St Andrews and to the world of geochemistry itself.

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Contact Details:

Mr Filippo Formoso
Irvine Building
University of St Andrews
North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AL

room: 601



School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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