Dr Heidi Burdett

Dr Heidi Burdett
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2015 (11/11)
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
vol.29 pp.1845–1853
2014 (30/7)
Nature Climate Change
2014 (20/5)
BMC Plant Biology
Dynamic photoinhibition exhibited by red coralline algae in the red sea
Heidi Burdett, Victoria Keddie, Nicola MacArthur, Laurin McDowall, Jennifer McLeish, Eva Spielvogel, Angela Hatton, Nicholas Kamenos 
Keywords: Dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSP), PAM fluorometry, Maerl, Rhodolith, Coral reef, Crustose coralline algae (CCA), Photosynthesis, Photosynthetic pigment
2014 (4)
Marine Biology
vol.161 pp.1499-1506
Effects of high temperature and CO2 on intracellular DMSP in the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa
Heidi Burdett, Madeleine Carruthers, Penelope Donohue, Laura Wicks, Sebastian Hennige, Murray Roberts, Nicholas Kamenos 
2014 (6)
Science Scotland

(Special issue)
Marine science
Heidi Burdett 
2014 (7)
Ecology and Evolution
vol.4 pp.2787-2798
The future of the northeast Atlantic benthic flora in a high CO2 world
Juliet Brodie, Christopher J. Williamson, Dan A. Smale, Nicholas A. Kamenos, Nova Mieszkowska, Rui Santos, Michael Cunliffe, Michael Steinke, Christopher Yesson, Kathryn M. Anderson, Valentina Asnaghi, Colin Brownlee, Heidi Burdett, Michael T. Burrows, Sinead Collins, Penelope J. C. Donohue, Ben Harvey, Andrew Foggo, Fanny Noisette, Joana Nunes, Federica Ragazzola, John A. Raven, Daniela N. Schmidt, David Suggett, Mirta Teichberg, Jason M. Hall-Spencer 
Keywords: Calcified algae, Climate change, Invasive species, Macroalgae, Microphytobenthos, Seagrasses, Volatile gases, Ocean acidification, Climate-change, Coralline algae, Carbon, Kelp, Growth, Temperature, Ecosystems, Evolution
2013 (12)
Global Change Biology
vol.19 pp.3621-3628
2013 (28/5)
PLoS One
vol.8 pp.1-8
Marine Biology Research
vol.8 pp.756-763
2011 (1/3)
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
vol.302 pp.65-70
2010 (3)
Isme journal
vol.4 pp.459-461
Evidence for phosphonate usage in the coral holobiont
S. Thomas, Heidi Burdett, B. Temperton, R. Wick, D. Snelling, J. W. McGrath, J. P. Quinn, C. Munn, J. A. Gilbert 
Keywords: Discosoma sp., phosphonoacetate hydrolase, Sinularia sp, MARINE, EXPRESSION, GENE, BOND

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