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2017 (11)
Journal of the Geological Society
vol.174 pp.954-967
2015 (8)
Economic Geology
vol.110 pp.1215-1234
(Other report)
High Grade Au Deposits: Processes to Prediction
John L. Walshe, Adam A. Bath, Jonathan Cloutier, Rob M. Hough 
Keywords: GOLD DEPOSITS, Au, St Ives, YILGARN CRATON, Wattle Dam
2013 (6)
Economic Geology
vol.108 pp.667
Biotite and Apatite as Tools for Tracking Pathways of Oxidized Fluids in the Archean East Repulse Gold Deposit, Australia
Adam B. Bath, John L. Walshe, Jonathan Cloutier, Micheal Verrall, James S. Cleverley, Mark I. Pownceby, Colin M. Macrae, Nick C. Wilson, Janet Tunjic, Gustav S. Nortje, Philip Robinson 
Keywords: Biotite, Apatite, GOLD DEPOSITS, St Ives, East Repulse
2012 (8)

Isotopic and hyperspectral mapping of redox gradients at the St Ives Gold Camp, Western Australia.
Jonathan Cloutier, John L. Walshe, Rob Hough, Adam A. Bath, Gustav Nortje, Ayesha Ahmed 
Keywords: O isotopes, C isotopes, Gold deposits, St Ives, geochemistry
2012 (6)

Unravelling the paragenesis at one of Australia’s highest-grade gold deposits.
Jonathan Cloutier, John L. Walshe, Rob Hough, Adam Bath, Rob Hutchison 
Keywords: Wattle Dam, gold deposit, C isotopes, ultramafic, gold veins
2008 (5)

2005 (9/9)
Precambrian Research
vol.139 pp.147
2003 (5)


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