Mr James Edwards

Mr James Edwards
PhD Student


In 2015 I graduated from University College London with an integrated masters degree, and I spent my final year investigating the mineralogical hosts of F in Precambrian basement rock and its regolith in Zimbabwe as my independent research project. I enjoyed completing the project, analysing the samples and linking the findings to the wider world. After a break of a couple of years away from geology, I became interested in doing a PhD, specifically a project investigating economic geology and also involving petrology and igneous geology. This has led me start this PhD project on Scottish orogenic gold deposits.

My research concerns characterising gold bearing veins of the mineralised system and aims to identify critical parameters capable of distinguishing between ore-forming and non-ore forming processes and generate an exploration model. My PhD project is in partnership with SUERC and is CASE-supported by ScotGold as well as associated with the National Productivity Investment Fund. I am working with Dr Jonathan Cloutier and Dr Will McCarthy as well as Dr Adrian Boyce and Dr Darren Mark ( both of SUERC).

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Mr James Edwards
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