Mr Kris Sokol

Mr Kris Sokol
PhD Student Geology, Geochemistry & Mineralogy


As a Polish national, I joined the geological community by completing an integrated undergraduate masters MGeoscience at Keele University, Staffordshire, graduating with First Class Honours. There I learned the complexity of petrographic and mineralogical analyses while studying igneous rocks from the Aeolian Islands, Italy and subsequently completed my masters thesis detailing the petrology of Tezhsar Alkaline Complex within the Armenian collision zone.

My PhD work at the University of St Andrews entails looking at the metasomatically altered, "fenitised", country rocks associated with the Proterozoic alkaline intrusions of Gardar Province, Greenland. I study the behaviour and variations in alteration to determine the nature of late-stage fluids that cause crystallisation of alkali pyroxenes and amphiboles in place of quartz, as these fluids transport commercially important rare earth (REEs) and high field strength elements (HFSEs).

New insights to the element mobilisation mechanisms will tie into the ongoing research of the SoS Rare & High-Tech-Alk-Carb consortia and will aid future exploration for REE & HFSE deposits. The project is funded via NERC DTP.

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Mr Kris Sokol
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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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