Dr Matthew Warke

Dr Matthew Warke
Research Fellow


I joined Dr Mark Claire’s ERC-funded project in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow and my research is focused on using multiple oxygen (and sulfur) isotopes to constrain atmospheric composition over Earth history (Paleoproterozoic to modern). My role is to develop and test new methods for the analysis of multiple oxygen isotopes. Another aspect of my role is to use my background in sedimentology and stratigraphy to identify and sample successions that are likely to preserve mass-independent fractionation signatures. My research interests integrate stable isotope geochemistry, field sedimentology, and stratigraphic correlation models.

Before joining the Geobiology group here at St Andrews I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester (2013-2017) on the sedimentology and carbonate geochemistry of the Transvaal Supergroup (South Africa). The deposition of the Transvaal Supergroup was coincident with the late Neoarchean to early Paleoproterozoic rise in oxygen, i.e. the ‘Great Oxidation Event’. Prior to my PhD I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews (2009-2013) and I contributed to the Down-Longford survey in Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland through several internships at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (2011; 2012; 2013).

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Recent publications

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2018 (6)
Precambrian Research
vol.310 pp.348-364
2018 (8)
Precambrian Research
vol.313 pp.205-220
2018 (22/3)

Two-billion-year-old evaporites capture Earth's great oxidation
Clara Blättler, Mark Claire, Tony Prave, Aubrey Lea Zerkle, Matthew Robert Warke 

Ground Truthing of Tellus EM Anomalies Associated with the Ordovician—Silurian Moffat Shale Group, Northern Ireland
Mark Cooper, James Floyd, Gareth Barker, Mohammednur Desissa Ture, James Hodgson, Brian McConnell, Matthew Robert Warke 
2016 (6)
South African Journal of Geology
vol.119 pp.329-346

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