Mr Oliver Dixon

Mr Oliver Dixon
PhD Student


In 2017, I graduated with a BSc Honours Degree in Geology from the University of Bristol, which I followed with an MSc in Mineral Resources from the University of St. Andrews. During this period, I became increasingly interested in magmatic mineral resources and in particular porphyry deposits, which ultimately became the subject of the research project I undertook for my masters degree. This focussed on understanding the internal structure of a small porphyry deposit at Mace Head in County Galway, Ireland and used the magnetic and hyperspectral properties of rocks to characterise how these properties change between the traditional alteration zones.

My PhD will build on my masters research by studying a large porphyry deposit in Kazakhstan, with the aim of identifying and developing a repeatable method capable of distinguishing between ore bearing and non-ore bearing deposits, with the aim of creating a new model for exploration

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Mr Oliver Dixon
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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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