Mr Paul Ross

Mr Paul Ross
PhD Student


I have come to the University of St Andrews after several years working in teaching, practical conservation, data management and evidence delivery in biodiversity policy. My research concerns climate reconstruction using tree ring-derived data from Scots pine. I am taking a dendroecological approach to explore how variation in a forest's local environment influences climate reconstruction. I am also exploring disturbance modelling as part of understanding recent forest and use shifts. My research is NERC funded through the IAPETUS Doctoral Training Partnership; I am working with Dr Rob Wilson and Dr Andrea Burke (St Andrews), and Dr Steve Moreton (Glasgow).

I began my academic career studying Conservation Biology at the University of Aberdeen where I gained a strong interest in plant ecology and species identification. I followed my undergraduate degree with a Masters in Forestry at Aberdeen, combining ecology and conservation in a commercial forestry context. My past research has focused on plantation and semi-natural (Caledonian) Scots pine woodland, looking at everything from mosses to Capercaillie. How people value and utilise the natural environment has become a leading interest of mine since.

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Mr Paul Ross
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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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