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2018 (24/10)
vol.562 pp.569-573
CO2 storage and release in the deep Southern Ocean on millennial to centennial timescales
James William Buchanan Rae, Andrea Burke, L. F. Robinson, J. F. Adkins, T. Chen, Catherine Sarah Cole, Rosanna Greenop, T. Li, Dan Constantin Nita, J. A. Stewart,  
2018 (15/9)
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
vol.498 pp.362-376
Constraining the evolution of Neogene ocean carbonate chemistry using the boron isotope pH proxy
S. M. Sosdian, Rosanna Greenop, M. P. Hain, G. L. Foster, P. N. Pearson, C. H. Lear 
Keywords: Boron isotopes, Foraminifera, Carbonate system, Neogene, Miocene
2017 (24/2)
Climate of the Past
vol.13 pp.149-170
A record of Neogene seawater δ11B reconstructed from paired δ11B analyses on benthic and planktic foraminifera
Rosanna Greenop, Mathis P. Hain, Sindia M. Sosdian, Kevin I. C. Oliver, Philip Goodwin, Thomas B. Chalk, Caroline H. Lear, Paul A. Wilson, Gavin L. Foster 
Keywords: Global and Planetary Change, Stratigraphy, Palaeontology
2017 (31/7)
Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Data report: revised composite depth scale and splice for IODP Site U1406
Tim van Peer, Diederik Liebrand, Chuang Xuan, Peter Lippert, Claudia Agnini, Nevin Blum, Peter Blum, Steven Bohaty, Paul Bown, Rosanna Greenop, Wendy Kordesch, Dominik Leonhardt, Oliver Friedrich, Paul Wilson 
2016 (15/11)
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
vol.454 pp.282-292

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