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CO2 storage and release in the deep Southern Ocean on millennial to centennial timescales James William Buchanan Rae, Andrea Burke, L. F. Robinson, J. F. Adkins, T. Chen, Catherine Sarah Cole, Rosanna Greenop, T. Li, Dan Constantin Nita, J. A. Stewart,
Nature 2018 vol.562 pp.569-573
Constraining the evolution of Neogene ocean carbonate chemistry using the boron isotope pH proxy S. M. Sosdian, Rosanna Greenop, M. P. Hain, G. L. Foster, P. N. Pearson, C. H. Lear
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2018 vol.498 pp.362-376
A new boron isotope-pH calibration for Orbulina universa, with implications for understanding and accounting for ‘vital effects’ Michael J. Henehan, Gavin L. Foster, Helen C. Bostock, Rosanna Greenop, Brittney J. Marshall, Paul A. Wilson
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2016 vol.454 pp.282-292

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