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2018 (4)
Organic Geochemistry
vol.118 pp.4-14
The last forests on Antarctica
Rhian Laura Rees-Owen, Fiona L. Gill, Robert J. Newton, Ruza F. Ivanovic, Jane E. Francis, James B. Riding, Christopher H. Vane, Raquel A. Lopes dos Santos 
Keywords: Antarctica, Neogene, Sirius Group, Terpenoid, GDGT, Palaeovegetation, Palaeotemperature, Palaeoenvironment
vol.29 pp.471-488
The spread of marine anoxia on the northern Tethys margin during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Alexander J. Dickson, Rhian Laura Rees-Owen, Christian März, Angela L. Coe, Anthony S. Cohen, Richard D. Pancost, Kyle Taylor, Ekaterina Shcherbinina 
Keywords: biomarkers, carbon burial, PETM, redox, Tethys, trace elementsOceanography, Palaeontology

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