Dr Batzi Fischer

Dr Batzi Fischer
Geochemistry Lab Manager


My research interests lie broadly in "hard rock" geology, specifically igneous and metamorphic petrology. Petrology links geology, mineralogy and geochemistry and fascinates me, because it covers and connects all scales: micrometre-scale analysis of mineral compositions can, for example, inform us about the formation of mountain chains, and combined with geochronology may reveal changes in the way Earth operated throughout its history.

I obtained a Diplom (M.Sc. equivalent) in Geology from the University of Mainz in Germany, and a PhD from the University of St Andrews. I am now managing the geochemistry facilities at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Although analytical work and quantitative data are crucial for any science, I believe that field work is indespensable and the foundation for Earth Science research. It allows us to put our petrological/geochemical measurements and findings into a geological context, and only then can we use them to understand how "Earth works". Currently, my particular interest is in early Earth geology. I use and test the tools of a petrologist to contribute to our understanding of the evolution of Earth's crust (e.g. crustal growth and reworking) and secular changes in Earth history (e.g. when did plate tectonics start?).

Here are a few examples of my research:

Sparked by the prevalent use of zircon in studies of crustal evolution, I want to understand more the processes that can affect zircon geochemistry. I investigate the behaviour of zircon and its isotopic systems during partial melting and differentiation of the (lower) continental crust. For this, I study mafic migmatites from the Kapuskasing uplift in Canada and the Lewisian complex in NW Scotland to compare the geochemistry of zircon populations from the melanosome (unmelted, metamorphic rock or residuum) with those within the leucosome (locally-derived melt that crystallised within the source rock).

Igneous Petrology
For my Diplom dissertation I investigated the petrogenesis and emplacement history of lamprophyre sills in Western Anatolia, Turkey. Using their bulk rock chemistry, both elemental as well as radiogenic isotopes, I gained insight on their mantle source. In addition, petrography and in situ mineral chemistry (major and trace elements) allowed me to reconstruct their complex evolution, including processes like magma storage and ascent, assimilation and fractional crystallisation.

Metamorphic Petrology
During my undergraduate studies I chose to map the Lewisian gneiss in NW Scotland for 5 weeks. Having fallen in love with that part of the world, I have since been actively involved in several field seasons and research into Scotland's metamorphic rocks - both in the Lewisian in the north west and the Dalradian in northeast Scotland.

More information, including a list of publications, can be found on my personal website at http://www.sefis.de

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