Miss Sarah Boyd

Miss Sarah Boyd
PhD Student


I gained my undergraduate degree in Geology (Bsc (hons)) from the University of St Andrews and followed this with a masters in Geographical Information Science (GIS) from the University of Manchester. During my MSc, I studied GIS and also topics such as environmental monitoring and modelling, digital image processing and remote sensing. I have now happily returned to St. Andrews to undertake my PhD, with the aim of integrating GIS and geology to conduct research in the area of postglacial rebound in Scotland.

I am working with Dr Tim Raub, Dr Richard Bates and Dr Stuart Dunning (Newcastle University) researching regional scale isostatic rebound and how it reveals crustal thickness and viscosity variations. This project will focus mainly on raised terraces and tilted glens in localities throughout Scotland, based within a GIS framework. The work will also incorporate UAV survey as well as dating of terraces using shallow sediment cores.

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Contact Details:

Miss Sarah Boyd
Irvine Building
University of St Andrews
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St Andrews
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tel: 14351
room: Lapworth
email: slb78@st-andrews.ac.uk



School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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