Dr Sami Mikhail

Dr Sami Mikhail
Senior Lecturer; Dissertation Co-ordinator


The motivation for my research is to understand how the interior of a planet affects and controls the composition of its surface, and how volcanic degassing relates to long-term habitability.

In short, I want to understand the pathways followed by volatile elements subducted into Earth’s mantle over geological timescales, with a strong emphasis on constraining the origin(s) of diamond-forming carbon in the mantle, and the nature of the tectonic volatile cycle(s).

I also work towards understanding the formation and deep-time evolution of extra-terrestrial planetary atmospheres, such as those around Venus and Mars.

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Plume-lithosphere interaction, and the formation of fibrous diamonds Michael Broadley, H Kagi, Ray Burgess, D Zedgenizov, Sami Mikhail, M Almayrac, A Ragozin, B Pomazansky, H Sumino
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 2018 vol.8 pp.26-30
Hot climate inhibits volcanism on Venus Sami Mikhail, Michael Heap
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 2017 vol.268 pp.18-34
Low surface gravitational acceleration of Mars results in a thick and weak lithosphere Michael Heap, Paul Byrne, Sami Mikhail
Icarus 2017 vol.281 pp.103-114
The geobiological nitrogen cycle Aubrey Lea Zerkle, Sami Mikhail
Geobiology 2017 vol.15 pp.343-352
The relationship between mantle pH and the deep nitrogen cycle Sami Mikhail, Peter Barry, Dimitri Sverjensky
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2017 vol.209 pp.149-160
A petrological assessment of diamond as a recorder of the mantle nitrogen cycle Sami Mikhail, Daniel Howell
American Mineralogist 2016 vol.101 pp.780-787
Diamonds from Dachine, French Guiana Chris B. Smith, Michael J. Walter, Galina P. Bulanova, Sami Mikhail, Antony D. Burnham, Luiz Gobbo, Simon C. Kohn
Lithos 2016 vol.265 pp.82-95
Experimental investigation of F, Cl, and OH partitioning between apatite and Fe-rich basaltic melt at 1.0-1.2 GPa and 950-1000 °C Francis McCubbin, Kathleen Vander Kaaden, Romain Tartèse, Jeremy Boyce, Sami Mikhail, Eric Whitson, Aaron Bell, Mahesh Anand, Ian Franchi, Jianhua Wang, Erik Hauri
American Mineralogist 2015 vol.100 pp.1790-1802
Nitrogen isotope systematics and origins of mixed-habit diamonds Daniel Howell, Richard Stern, William Griffin, Rebecca Southworth, Sami Mikhail, Thomas Stachel
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2015 vol.157 pp.1-12
A synthesis of instrumental analytical techniques for examination of the thermal history of pallasite meteorites Katherine L. Crispin, Sami Mikhail, Anat Shahar, Valerie Hillgren, Neil Bennett, Neva Fowler-Gerace, Richard Ash, William F. McDonough
2014 pp.1690-1691
An eclogitic diamond from Mir pipe (Yakutia), recording two growth events from different isotopic sources Galina Bulanova, Daphne Wiggers de Vries, D Graham Pearson, Andrew Beard, Sami Mikhail, Alexander Smelov, Gareth Davies
Chemical Geology 2014 vol.381 pp.40-54
Constraining the internal variability of the stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen within mantle diamonds Sami Mikhail, Alexander Verchovsky, Daniel Howell, Mark Hutchison, Rebecca Southworth, Andrew Thomson, Pierre Warburton, Adrian Jones, H Judith Milledge
Chemical Geology 2014 vol.366 pp.14-23
Empirical evidence for the fractionation of carbon isotopes between diamond and iron carbide from the Earth’s mantle Sami Mikhail, Christalle Guillermier, Ian Franchi, Andrew Beard, Catherine Krispin, Alexander Verchovsky, Adrian Jones, H Judith Milledge
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 2014 vol.15 pp.855–866
Evidence for multiple diamondite-forming events in the mantle Sami Mikhail, Frances McCubbin, Daniel Howell
American Mineralogist 2014 vol.99 pp.1537-1543
Nitrogen speciation in upper mantle fluids and the origin of Earth’s nitrogen-rich atmosphere Sami Mikhail, Dimitri Sverjensky
Nature Geoscience 2014 vol.7 pp.816-819
Peridotitic and websteritic diamondites provide new information regarding mantle melting and metasomatism induced through the subduction of crustal volatiles Sami Mikhail, Gabor Dobosi, Alexander Verchovsky, Gero Kurat, Adrian Jones
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2013 vol.107 pp.1-11

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