Mr Toby Boocock

Mr Toby Boocock
PhD Student


I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Physical Geography and Geology from Edge Hill University in 2014-2017 and followed with a one-year MSc Geochemistry at the University of St Andrews 2017-2018. During my time at St Andrews I have set up a new high precision gas source line and custom-built tube cracker line attached to a MAT-253 Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for the analysis of trace quantities of Nitrogen (N) in silicate rocks (e.g. granites). This line will allow routine analysis of samples at the forefront of present analytical methods.

My research is focused on using this methodology to answer some of the many fundamental remaining uncertainties surrounding the geological N cycle. I am funded through a NERC IAPETUS studentship (2018-2022) entitled ‘The evolution of Earth’s atmosphere as recorded by continental crust’. My principle focus is on reconstructing the growth and isotopic composition of the continental nitrogen reservoir and its relationship with atmospheric N2 abundances over the course of Earth’s history. I am supervised by Dr Eva Stüeken (StA), Dr Sami Mikhail (StA), Dr Julie Prytulak (Durham) and Dr William McCarthy (StA).

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Mr Toby Boocock
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