Dr Tim Kinnaird

Dr Tim Kinnaird
Research Associate/Manager CERSA Luminescence


I am an Earth scientist with expertise in Earth surface processes, sedimentology and structural geology. My research focuses on combining novel and innovative techniques in luminescence dating, sedimentology and geomorphology to answer timely research questions in both pure and applied aspects of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

An underlying theme to my research is the link between the geodynamic processes which shape our continents, and the geomorphic processes which modify these. Quantifying, modelling and monitoring earth system processes, from the local to global scale, and operating at timescales from millennia to minutes, is fundamental to predicting the impacts of global and environmental change.

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Recent publications

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2018 (12)
vol.171 pp.337-358
Landscape Research
vol.43 pp.922-938
2018 (22/5)
Radiation Measurements
vol.In press 
Non-Poisson variations in photomultipliers and implications for luminescence dating
John Carter, Alan Cresswell, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Lorna Carmichael, Simon Murphy, David Sanderson 
Keywords: Single photon counting, Poisson variations, Phosphorescence, OSL single grain dating, Poisson filtering

The Journal of Coastal and Island Archaeology
vol.Latest Articles 
Chronostratigraphy of an eroding complex Atlantic Round House, Baile Sear, Scotland
Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Tom Dawson, David Sanderson, David Hamilton, Alan Cresswell, Rebecca Rennell 
Keywords: Chronology, Geoarchaeology, Household archaeology
2017 (11)
Journal of South American Earth Sciences
vol.79 pp.394-400
2017 (2)
Journal of Archaeological Science
vol.78 pp.66-77
2016 (1/11)
Journal of the Geological Society
vol.173 pp.933-948
Quantitative dating of pleistocene deposits of the Kyrenia range, Northern Cyprus
Romesh N. Palamakumbura, Alastair H. F. Robertson, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Peter van Calsteren, Dick Kroon, Jenny A. Tait 
Keywords: Geology
2015 (12)
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
vol.4 pp.336-354
Dating the bridge at Avignon (south France) and reconstructing the Rhone River fluvial palaeo-landscape in Provence from medieval to modern times
Matthieu Ghilardi, David Sanderson, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Andrew Bicket, Simone Balossino, Jean Claude Parisot, Daniel Hermitte, Frédéric Guibal, Jules T. Fleury 
Keywords: C dating, Avignon, Boreholes, Bridge, Fluvial geoarchaeology, Geophysics, Medieval, OSL dating, Rhone RiverArchaeology, History, Archaeology
2015 (1/10)
Quaternary Geochronology
vol.30 pp.168-174
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry
vol.13 pp.49-62
Geological Society Special Publication
vol.372 pp.585-614
2013 (12)
vol.87 pp.1104-1123
The earliest Buddhist shrine
R. A E Coningham, K. P. Acharya, K. M. Strickland, C. E. Davis, M. J. Manuel, I. A. Simpson, K. Gilliland, J. Tremblay, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, D. C. W. Sanderson 
Keywords: Asoka, Buddha, First millennium BC, Lumbini, MauryanHorizon, Nepal, Shrine, TempleArchaeology, Arts and Humanities(all)
2013 (11)
vol.110 pp.207-214
2011 (9)
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions Of The Royal Society Of Edinburgh
vol.102 pp.191-199
2011 (3)
Journal of the Geological Society
vol.168 pp.457-470
Timing of uplift of the Troodos Massif (Cyprus) constrained by sedimentary and magnetic polarity evidence
Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Alastair Douglas Robertson, Antony Morris 
Keywords: Geology
2007 (5)
Journal of the Geological Society
vol.164 pp.541-551

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Dr Tim Kinnaird
Irvine Building
University of St Andrews
North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AL

tel: 01334 463911 (office)/ 463192 (lab)
email: tk17@st-andrews.ac.uk


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