Mr Vincent Twomey

Mr Vincent Twomey
PhD Student


I completed my undergraduate degree at University College Cork graduating with First Class Honours. I then successfully sought support for an MSc at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. In my MSc thesis, I determine the thermo-kinematic evolution of the Okanagan Valley shear zone, an extensional, crustal-scale detachment flanking the largest metamorphic core complex in southern British Columbia. I have since worked as a mapping geologist for the Geological Survey of Ireland and as a geotechnical engineer for Priority Geotechnical, based in Cork, Ireland.

My PhD at the University of St. Andrews investigates the structural and temporal parameters associated with the construction of intrusive bodies with a view to creating realistic quantitative models that are grounded in detailed structural mapping, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) analysis and U-Pb age data. South-east Iceland provides an ideal setting for this study owing to its short and relatively simple tectonic history and excellent three-dimensional exposure of laccoliths and associated host rock contacts. I aim to combine these data to help constrain the internal architecture of igneous intrusions and identify the ambient stress field at the time of magma emplacement to allow for the development of a more detailed dynamic numerical emplacement model.

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Mr Vincent Twomey
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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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