Dr Will Hutchison

Dr Will Hutchison
Research Fellow


I am a geochemist working on the volatiles in the roof regions of magma chambers in Southern Greenland. I am an Aberdonian although my family moved to Trinidad for a few years when I was a boy. I have a first degree and a DPhil from Oxford and I have been a postdoc in Oxford since. I have studied volcanic and geothermal systems around the world and am passionate about integrating geophysical, geochemical and geological data sets to understand the fundamental processes that drive these systems, and how we can safely and sustainably develop the resources they offer. My DPhil focused on active peralkaline volcanoes in the East African Rift, and in particular the processes that take place at the interface between the magmatic and hydrothermal reservoirs. I'm now investigating the "fossilized" equivalents of these peralkaline systems in Greenland's Gardar Province as part of the HiTech AlkCarb consortium. The goal is to improve our understanding of volatile behaviour in the roof zones of peralkaline magma chambers, and hopefully draw parallels with the active volcanic systems I've studied previously.

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Constraining magma storage conditions at a restless volcano in the Main Ethiopian Rift using phase equilibria models Matthew L. M. Gleeson, Michael J. Stock, David M. Pyle, Tamsin A. Mather, William Hutchison, Gezahegn Yirgu
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 2017 vol.337 pp.44-61

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