Dr Will McCarthy

Dr Will McCarthy
Lecturer; Field Academy Director; Student Support Co-ordinator


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Structural signatures of igneous sheet intrusion propagation Craig Magee, James Muirhead, Nick Schofield, Richard J. Walker, Olivier Galland, Simon Holford, Juan Spacapan, Christopher A-L. Jackson, William McCarthy
Journal of Structural Geology vol.In press
Lateral magma flow in mafic sill complexes Craig Magee, James D. Muirhead, Alex Karvelas, Simon P. Holford, Christopher A. L. Jackson, Ian D. Bastow, Nick Schofield, Carl T. E. Stevenson, Charlotte McLean, William McCarthy, Olga Shtukert
Geosphere 2016 vol.12 pp.809-841
Distinguishing diapirs from inflated plutons William McCarthy, M.S. Petronis, R.J. Reavy, C.T. Stevenson
Journal of the Geological Society 2015 vol.172 pp.550-565
Late Caledonian transpression and the structural controls on pluton construction; new insights from the Omey Pluton, western Ireland William McCarthy, R. John Reavy, Carl T. Stevenson, Michael S. Petronis
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions Of The Royal Society Of Edinburgh 2015 vol.106 pp.11-28
Paleomagnetic, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility, and geochronologic data from the Buena Vista intrusion, north-central New Mexico Mike Petronis, Geno Castillo, Jennifer Lindline, Joe Zebrowski, William McCarthy, Darren Lemen, Will McIntosh
2015 vol.66 pp.193

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