Postgraduate degrees in Earth Sciences at St Andrews are integrated with our leading research programmes, providing a dynamic and exciting environment in which to study for a MSc or PhD. Our research interests are extensive, ranging from planetary science to climate change, and natural resources to the dawn of life. This research is supported by a suite of cutting-edge facilities, with particular strengths in geochemistry, geobiology, geomagnetism, mineralogy and luminescence, culturing, and field geophysics and geology. St Andrews boasts a fantastic location in which to study the Earth Sciences, being surrounded by beaches, the sea, and world-famous geological outcrops. Our school also has a lively social scene, with a close-knit postgraduate and research community, and close links with other schools and facilities across our small yet world-class University.

Postgraduate degree options include:

PhD Programme

Funded through the NERC Iapteus Doctoral Training Programme, our PhD projects offer the opportunity to conduct world-class research

MSc Geochemistry

Our MSc Geochemistry degree provides a thorough training in this fundamental discipline within the Earth Sciences, and provides options for both academic and applied research projects

MSc Mineral Resources

Our MSc Mineral Resources degree will equip you for a career in industry or advanced applied research