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The molybdenum isotopic compositions of I-, S- and A- type granitic suites Jie Yang, Jane Barling, Christopher Siebert, Jan Fietzke, Ed Stephens, Alex N. Halliday
A Paleoproterozoic intra-arc basin associated with a juvenile source in the Southern Brasilia Orogen Alice Westin, Mario C. Campos Neto, Chris Hawkesworth, Peter Anthony Cawood, Bruno Dhuime, Helene Delavault
Crustal growth during island arc accretion and transcurrent deformation, Natal Metamorphic Province, South Africa Robert J. Thomas, Nick M.W. Roberts, Peter Anthony Cawood, Ian Millar, Simon Tapster
Neoproterozoic subduction along the Ailaoshan zone, South China Yongfeng Cai, Yuejun Wang, Peter Anthony Cawood, Weiming Fan, Huichuan Liu, Xiaowan Xing, Yuzhi Zhang