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Earth's continental lithosphere through time Chris Hawkesworth, Peter Anthony Cawood, Bruno Dhuime, Tony I. S. Kemp
Understanding cold bias: variable response of skeletal Sr/Ca to seawater pCO2 in acclimated massive Porites corals Catherine Sarah Cole, Adrian Anthony Finch, Christopher Hintz, Kenneth Hintz, Nicola Allison
Reply to 'Pliocene warmth and gradients' Charlotte O'Brien, Gavin Foster, James William Buchanan Rae, Richard Pancost
Revising midlatitude summer temperatures back to A.D. 600 based on a wood density network L. Schneider, J.E. Smerdon, U. Büntgen, Rob Wilson, V.S. Myglan, A.V. Kirdyanov, J. Esper
Blue intensity for dendroclimatology Rob Wilson, R. Rao, L.-Å. Larsson, B.H. Luckman
High sea surface temperatures in tropical warm pools during the Pliocene Charlotte O'Brien, Gavin Foster, Miguel Martinez-Boti, Richard Abell, James William Buchanan Rae, Richard Pancost
The rise of oxygen and the hydrogen hourglass Kevin J. Zahnle, David C. Catling, Mark Claire