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Anoxic atmospheres on Mars driven by volcanism Steven F. Sholes, Megan L. Smith, Mark Claire, Kevin J. Zahnle, David C. Catling
The MUSCLES Treasury Survey. III. X-ray to infrared spectra of 11 M and K stars hosting planets R. O. P. Loyd, Kevin France, Allison Youngblood, Christian Schneider, Alexander Brown, Renyu Hu, Jeffrey Linsky, Cynthia S. Froning, Seth Redfield, Sarah Rugheimer, Feng Tian
The pale orange dot Giada Arney, Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman, Victoria S. Meadows, Eric T. Wolf, Edward Schwieterman, Benjamin Charnay, Mark Claire, Eric Hebrard, Melissa G. Trainer
The effect of Lyman α radiation on mini-neptune atmospheres around M stars Yamila Miguel, Lisa Kaltenegger, Jeffrey L. Linsky, Sarah Rugheimer
UV surface environment of Earth-like planets orbiting FGKM stars through geological evolution Sarah Rugheimer, A. Segura, L. Kaltenegger, D. Sasselov
The formation of sulfate, nitrate and perchlorate salts in the martian atmosphere Megan L. Smith, Mark Claire, D.C. Catling, K.J. Zahnle
Using biogenic sulfur gases as remotely detectable biosignatures on anoxic planets S. Domagal-Goldman, S. Meadows V., Mark Claire, J. F. Kasting
Atmospheric origins of perchlorate on Mars and in the Atacama D. C. Catling, Mark Claire, K. J. Zahnle, R. C. Quinn, B. C. Clark, M. H. Hecht, S. Kounaves