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2017 (6)
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

(Review article)
Earth's continental lithosphere through time
Chris Hawkesworth, Peter Anthony Cawood, Bruno Dhuime, Tony I. S. Kemp 
Keywords: Continental crust, Continental mantle lithosphere, Plate tectonics, Preservation bias, Early Earth
2016 (1/9)
GSA Today
vol.26 pp.4-11
Tectonics and crustal evolution
Chris Hawkesworth, Peter Anthony Cawood, Bruno Dhuime 
Keywords: Geology
2015 (2/7)
Nature Geoscience
vol.8 pp.552-555
Emergence of modern continental crust about 3 billion years ago
Bruno Philippe Marcel Dhuime, A. Wuestefeld, Chris Hawkesworth 
2015 (1/12)
American Journal of Science
vol.315 pp.945-957
2014 (11)
Nature Geoscience
vol.7 pp.816-819
2013 (8/12)
vol.609 pp.651-660
(Review article)