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Laurentia-Baltica-Amazonia relations during Rodinia assembly Peter Anthony Cawood, Sergei A. Pisarevsky
Linking collisional and accretionary orogens during Rodinia assembly and breakup Peter Anthony Cawood, Robin A. Strachan, Sergei A. Pisarevsky, Dmitry P. Gladkochub, J. Brendan Murphy
Neoproterozoic to early Paleozoic extensional and compressional history of East Laurentian margin sequences Peter Anthony Cawood, Robin A. Strachan, Renaud E. Merle, Ian L. Millar, Staci L. Loewy, Ian W.D. Dalziel, Peter D. Kinny, Fred Jourdan, Alexander A. Nemchin, James N. Connelly
Earth's middle age Peter Anthony Cawood, Chris Hawkesworth
Intermontane basins and bimodal volcanism at the onset of the Sveconorwegian Orogeny, southern Norway Nick M.W. Roberts, Peter Anthony Cawood, Chris Hawkesworth, Tony Prave, Afra S.M. Antonini, Matthew S.A. Horstwood
Locating South China in Rodinia and Gondwana Peter Anthony Cawood, Yuejun Wang, Yajun Xu, Guochun Zhao
Not all supercontinents are created equal Chris Hawkesworth, Peter Anthony Cawood, Bruno Philippe Marcel Dhuime