MSc Geochemistry

Geochemistry is a fundamental discipline within the Earth
sciences, providing the techniques and knowledge to address such fundamental questions as: was there ever life on Mars, how do planets form, and what are the rates and drivers of climate change, both past and present? Geochemistry also has widespread application to understanding and solving contemporary problems, ranging from pollution of soils and water, to rates of ocean acidification, and the exploration and management of natural resources. It is
 a forensic part of Earth science and is used to address questions that are both diverse and profound.

The St Andrews MSc in Geochemistry delivers postgraduate-level knowledge and skills training in modern geochemical methods, involving field work, hands-on laboratory training, and experience with state-of-the-art equipment. This broad and rigorous course provides preparation for either pursuing a PhD, by incorporating a lab-based research dissertation, or direct employment in industry through incorporation of applied economic and environmental geochemistry modules.

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